For all of the arguments for or against the PlayStation brand, one of the things nobody deny is that PlayStation is the place a large portion of each console generations truly unique titles call home.

In recent years the PlayStation 3 has given us truly beautiful experimental titles such as Tokyo Jungle, Flow, Flower and more recently Journey and Unfinished Swan. It seems fitting then that PlayStation’s own Japan Studio should deliver the next inspiring title to this ever expanding library of games that divert from the norm and put the player in a place where gameplay is familiar but fresh and environments are outlandish but believable.

Rain opens with a short but concise introduction to your character, a young boy who missed the opportunity to visit a circus due to fever, who encounters a mysterious girl outside his bedroom window shortly after it starts to rain, she is shortly after chased away by a monster and the boy decides to follow.
He encounters a doorway of light that the girl and monster passed through and follows them through, losing his form completely except for an outline traced with the raindrops or muddy water, and therein is the premise of the title, to use the various caveats of invisibility to traverse and explore the environment and avoid, interact or alert those around you.